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Show off Your Company’s Image with Creative Office Space Design

Did you know that there is such a thing as National Cubicle Day? Well, there silly as that may seem. It seems outdated to honor a design style that seems to be falling by the wayside as quickly as fax machines and rotary telephones. But April 28th was the day set aside to celebrate these carpet-covered, creativity-killing barriers. Thankfully, in the last ten years office space design has moved far beyond cubicles. Companies are using their design to show off who they are to customers, employees and visitors. We discussed creating a productive office space a while back, but here we would like to speak to creative office space design that will help project a positive image to your clients, with creativity and flexibility.

A few years ago, tech companies and young startups were the only businesses being found to stray from the typical cubicle office space design. It seemed to make sense that companies trying to revolutionize electronics, computing, and communications would need open, fun designs to foster collaborative work. However, over the last few years the other business sectors saw that these companies were acquiring the best talent and building wonderful client relationships. Much of this success was being attributed to their unique spaces. Now, in 2014, 75% of US offices have open floor plans. (source) It seems that a well-planned, creative office space design helps companies project who they are — and who they want to be – for their customers.

This article in Mashable featured a few companies who have set up their offices to display their collaborative spirit. These companies’ designs range from simplistic to elaborate, but they all share a common goal; to present who they are to all that enter. One company, Quirky, is on the far end of the spectrum. They created a Jetsons-style office setting, which is apparent from the minute a visitor approaches the entrance. They wanted to make sure that customers knew that they valued design above all else. “The design room is the first thing you see when you walk into Quirky, and it’s where all the magic happens. Even if you’re not working in the shop, you’re constantly passing it when getting to and from meetings. It’s where all of the inventors’ ideas become a real physical product.”

Not all office spaces need to be space-aged to show off a great working environment. Simplicity in design can show focus, attention to detail and ease. Since many options exist for modern office space design, it is important to settle in a location that will allow you to create who you are. Your company should feel like a space can become anything, instead of settling for a space in which they cannot envision their success. “We were lucky in that we were starting with a blank slate [the site was previously a textile factory], so we were able to design the perfect space for our needs,” says Natasha Whitledge, facilities manager (CB2). (source)

Once you have settled on a creative office space design that best suits your business, finding a single story flex space may offer you the most options to support your design. This type of space offers high ceilings and is a “blank slate” that can adapt to your vision. You can read more about Single Story Flex space and its benefits here.

Innovation and creativity in office space design are something that we at the Bradley Business Center value. We strive to offer all of our tenants space that will allow them to put their best foot forward to their customers. If you are considering a new office space design, consider a new location, as well. Our center can provide you with the amenities you need, with a prime North Side Chicago location. Contact us right away to get started planning for your new, creative office at the Bradley Business Center.