Flex space is a term that is commonly used today in commercial real estate. The name implies flexibility, which can benefit small and large businesses. If you are a business in the market for new office space that would also include warehouse, distribution or storage solutions, flex space may be your best option.

What is Flex Space?

According to CoStar, a national database and information exchange for the commercial real estate industry, it is “a building designed to be versatile and may be used in combination with office, research and development, quasi-retail sales, industrial processing or high tech.”

Benefits of Flex Space

  1. Flexibility  – As the name implies, these spaces can adjust and grow with your business, keeping future conversion costs low and preventing you from having to consider major moves just to get more space.
  2. Employee Interaction – Companies that choose flex space find that there are great benefits to having their office personnel and their warehouse staff under the same roof. Choosing an office that is versatile will allow you to keep the lines of communication open within your company. This also helps avoid the costs of carrying multiple leases on differently appointed spaces.
  3. Direct Access – Because these spaces typically have entrances that will not walk through loading dock door, you will find that your clients appreciate more direct access to your spaces.
  4. High Ceilings – flex spaces typically have 12’-16’ ceiling heights, making them ideal for distribution and storage, but also easy to convert for regular office settings.
  5. Build-to-suit – Often flex spaces will be build-to-suit spaces, allowing the tenant to decide how to remodel for their needs. This can keep lease costs lower, since you are not choosing an already completed and decorated space.
  6. High-profile locations – Flex spaces tend to be found in business parks that are conveniently located, helping to draw tenants but also provide convenience for employees and clients.

Leasing Flex Space at the Bradley Business Center is the perfect way to take advantage of this list of benefits. We have space suitable for offices, warehouses, distribution centers, production spaces and more. Located on Chicago’ North Side, our Flex Spaces will provide you with an ideal location to attract personnel and clients. Our spaces can be converted to suit your needs and offer opportunities for growth and change in your company. We also offer a full list of amenities to our clients that include items like storage spaces, ample parking and a fitness center. Contact us today to learn more about our Flex Spaces. We look forward to welcoming you to the Bradley Business Center!