Small Business Solutions

Entrepreneurs are a special type of professional. They are inventive, creative, passionate and driven to succeed. However, when the idea for a small business strikes, it can be easy to get pulled in many different directions. There are a few small business solutions that must be considered for success. It is crucial for an entrepreneur to outline a plan, stay flexible, network with new contacts and present themselves to clients as an established business.

Turn Vision into a Business Plan

There are many factors to consider once a new idea of a business comes to mind. In order to keep these factors organized and prepare for all scenarios, an entrepreneur must create a business plan. In this plan it is important to include what the target market for the business will be, how that market will be reached, what the obstacles are for success and how those obstacles will be overcome.  A good business plan does not need to be a long document. If your idea is focused, a one-page plan will be sufficient to get the business off the ground.

Stay Flexible

Once the plan is established the entrepreneur must be prepared for that plan to change…many times. As research is done and the plan is put into action, an entrepreneur may find that they need to change their idea to capture more of the marketplace. An example of this may be choosing to operate from a home office to save on costs, only to find out that clients want to meet in person to get deals signed. The entrepreneur must then go back to their plan to consider costs for a true office space. Having to adjust the plan is not a sign of failure, but rather is often a sign that the business may be heading in another, more focused direction. Look for solutions that will offer you the greatest amount of flexibility to grow your small business.

Collaborate with Other Businesses

As a new business, establishing a network of referrals and partners will be very important. There are many entrepreneurs operating on their own these days and this means many opportunities to collaborate with someone who needs your services. In turn, these people can refer their clients directly to your business for solutions they can’t provide. Choosing an office or location where one can tap into a pool of other professionals who want to work with your business is one way to quickly build a network. Utilizing shared office space can offer you a chance to meet new contacts who are also looking to collaborate. Working from home will not provide these same chances to connect.

Location, Location, Location

Working for oneself is very exciting and offers a great amount of flexibility. You can choose the hours you work and where you work. Working from a home office can help reduce new business costs, but will not offer a good space to meet with clients. Working from home can also be a distraction and may pull focus away from daily goals. Shared office space offers the perfect solution for an entrepreneur. The amount to lease these spaces is often far less than traditional office space. The amenities can include conference rooms, support services, bundled communication options and much more, helping to improve the bottom line and offering a space to meet clients in a professional setting.

Starting your own small business is an exciting but time consuming practice. We can offer you solutions that will cross some of the most important considerations off of your to-do list. If you are an entrepreneur who is searching for the perfect office space, please consider the Bradley Business Center. We offer perfectly appointed shared offices that will provide opportunities to network, keep your operating costs low and give you an impressive space to meet with your clients. At Bradley, we are dedicated to offering the best services and amenities, in a perfectly situated location on Chicago’s North Side. Contact our sales representative today to learn more and schedule a time to visit us. We look forward to offering you small business solutions that work for you and contribute to your success at the Bradley Business Center.