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Chicago Shared Office Space – The New Way to Work

Working from home can be a distraction. Trying to operate a business from a local Starbuck’s can be loud and unreliable. While today’s technology allows us to work just about anywhere, most of the time just working anywhere really doesn’t get the job done. Many new business owners and entrepreneurs think that having a professional office space is out of their reach – that costs would prohibit them from having a dedicated workspace. Shared office space is the new way to work in a business setting, while growing your business and impressing your customers. Not sure that a Chicago shared office space is right for you? Explore these 3 reasons why utilizing shared offices, like those found in the Bradley Business Center, will help you succeed:

1. Shared Office Spaces are Cost Effective

Chicago Shared Office Space - Bradley Business Center

Chicago Shared Office Space – Bradley Business Center

Shared office spaces are available in already established buildings. These ready-made solutions are outfitted with utilities, internet and phone and have very little startup or setup time. Bradley Business Center spaces are also fully furnished, saving you even more money. By opting for a shared office space, you are also saving your business from a potentially long term lease (3-5 years) on traditional space, allowing you to work hard and keep more for your bottom line. Shared offices are low risk, and allow you to focus more on operating your business and less on managing an office.

2. Unique Marketing and Networking Opportunities

When you work in a shared office environment, you will be surrounded with other entrepreneurs and professionals. These people can become reliable business contacts and a source of client referrals. Also, having a network of people with whom to share ideas can plant seeds for marketing, promotions and client outreach opportunities.

3. Impress Clients, Customers and Contacts in a Professional Setting with a Chicago Shared Office Space

Conference Room

Bradley Center Shared Office Conference Room

Working from home does not allow great options for meetings with your clients. Inviting a potential customer into your home for a conference does not offer the best impression for your business. Shared office spaces feature professional settings that will allow you to feel comfortable inviting these important people to visit you. The Bradley Business Center, for example, features a luxury meeting room (pictured to the right), that can seat up to 10, for larger meetings. As a tenant you can also enjoy free video conferencing equipment to include any contact in your meeting. When not using the conference room, your one-on-one meetings can be held in your dedicated space, offering modern furnishings and plenty of natural light.

Convinced that getting out of the house, or Starbuck’s, and into a shared office space is right for you? The Bradley Business Center offers your company cost-effective, professional shared office spaces. You can impress clients and take advantage of the many opportunities that come along with having shared office neighbors. If you’re interested in learning more about our spaces please contact us. Working like you live has never been more comfortable than it is at the Bradley Business Center.