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5 Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time to Move to a Shared Office Space

Summer is a great time to secure a shared office space. Between the growing number of people hanging around your house and the flexibility you need to travel, a shared office space can help solve a lot of problems for entrepreneurs.
Click through the slideshow below to learn more about how shared office space can help you work and live better this summer.

Flexible Office Space – Exploring the Benefits and Common Misconceptions

The word “flexible” plays a big role in the life of any entrepreneur or small business. Although you spend lots of time carefully crafting plans for your business, you know that you must be open to changes. Your marketing and business plans must allow for flexibility, but what about the plans for your office? Finding flexible office space can be a game-changer and really help contribute to your overall success. We are going to explore a few of the best opportunities and most common misconceptions about working in a flexible, or shared, office space.

Benefits of Flexible Office Space

Flexible, in this case, is defined as “characterized by a ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements”. (source) Flexible office space understands that your business is constantly changing and offers many opportunities. These opportunities include:

  1. Lowering your overall business costs without having to work from home. A home office can seem like a great idea but ends up being a difficult environment in which to work. It’s also not the most professional setting for meetings. However, traditional office space can be too costly for a new business to support. Your best solution? A flexible office space offers a lower lease price while still allowing you to impress your important clients. Many flexible offices will also offer services, like internet and phone, that can come at reduced rates since others are also helping contributing to those costs in the building.
  2. Exposure to your brand and marketing without having to leave the office. Home offices provide little to no chances of networking or exposure for your business. Working at the local coffee shop may offer you a sense of community but will not contribute to your overall success. A flexible office environment allows small businesses to interact with people from many different industries on a daily basis. This opens up chances for revenue, partnerships and camaraderie, all included in the cost of your lease.
  3. The chance to expand your business when you’re ready. An office set in a flexible environment will offer you plenty of chances to add on new staff or take on new clients. If you plan on growing beyond a one-person operation, flexible offices are still a viable option for you. For example, choosing an office in a building that also offers traditional office solutions could mean taking on a larger space, without having to leave the location where you have already established your business.

Misconceptions of Flexible Office Space

Since the idea of flexible offices is a relatively new one, there are many misconceptions about what the spaces actually are. Here are three of the most common myths about flexible space:

  1. I will never get any work done because I can hear (see, talk to, etc.) everyone around me. Not all flexible office spaces are open-aired. Many spaces that consider themselves flexible look exactly like traditional office space – with four walls, doors, desks, etc. Choosing a flexible environment does not mean sacrificing your privacy. You can still find an office that allows you to share space and services, without distractions like loud noise or conversations.
  2. I won’t have help with administrative tasks or with items like greeting clients for meetings. Many office spaces that provide flexible options include staff to help you with items like answering phones and greeting clients. In fact, this actually can be listed as another benefit of these types of offices, since they can save you from having to hire additional staff.
  3. Flexible office spaces don’t offer the same amenities as other office buildings. This is just not true. Flexible office spaces actually can give you more amenities than some traditional offices. The right flexible space will include items like a fitness center, ample parking, and access to the technology needed for conducting day-to-day business.

It’s important to point out that just because a space is listed as flexible it does not mean that it will offer you the benefits you need while breaking these common misconceptions. You must carefully research and visit any office space you are considering. This is where the Bradley Business Center can really help.

Bradley Business Center boasts a few types of flexible space, or shared office space, options for small businesses. We include the amenities you need, with flexible leasing to help you save on costs. Also, because we also offer warehouse and corporate office space, we can give you a chance to grow your business, without having to leave our amazing North Side Chicago location. Please take a moment to contact our leasing agent and find out for yourself how flexible office space at Bradley Business Center can benefit both you as an entrepreneur and your ever-changing small business plan.

Bradley Business Center Features Office Space for Businesses Large and Small

Bradley Business Center offers a variety of options for businesses seeking new Chicago office space. It can be difficult to analyze a location for its total potential from a search or website. We set out to make the process of finding office space a pleasant experience for each of our clients. We would like to provide you a glimpse of the possibilities available at Bradley. We divide our space into three categories – Shared Office, Single Story Flex and Corporate spaces. Whether helping a small startup or a large corporate group, our focus is to offer tenants the chance to work like they live, with modern amenities in a spectacular location.

Shared Office – A Professional Home for Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurs looking for their first office; small startups seeking to unite a team; collaborative business minds wanting to step outside of the home – any of these types of professionals will feel at home in our shared office spaces. With a focus on professionalism, our shared offices provide you with a real office environment without the typical overhead expenses found with leasing a traditional office space. With your shared office lease, you get access to a state-of-the-art conference room, a built-in IT/Telecommunications infrastructure and many more amenities needed to operate your business. Unlike the larger spaces found in Chicago, our offices are semi-private and quiet, providing an environment that is suited to getting things done.

Single Story Flex – Chicago Office Space with Endless Potential

Single story flex space is for business owners seeking a home for their operational-style business or business that requires large, open space. By definition these spaces are “a building designed to be versatile and may be used in combination with office, research and development, quasi-retail sales, industrial processing or high tech.” (source) Our build-to-suit spaces offer unlimited potential and have the ability to expand to fit your business’ changing needs. Here is a list of some common uses of flex spaces, but the possibilities are endless:

  • Call Center
  • Production Studio
  • Recreational Center or Sports Facility
  • Warehouse
  • Storage Space
  • Distribution Center
Corporate Offices – Work Like You Live, in the Heart of Chicago

We haven’t forgotten about companies who are looking for “traditional” corporate office spaces. The Bradley Business Center offers important features, such as parking and access to public transportation and major highways, to allow your business draw the best talent and cultivate a team that will be with you for years to come. The team will appreciate Bradley’s extensive list of amenities. We also are proud to be located in a bustling north side neighborhood. Our neighbors are some of Chicago’s finest companies, which can bring networking opportunities and chances for new business partnerships. A corporate office location at Bradley Business Center will certainly help you impress clients and maintain a consistent workforce.

The Bradley Center features three types of office space and can be the home of businesses large and small. If you are seeking Chicago office space the Bradley Business Center needs to be your next important call. Contact us and learn more about our flexible leases, affordable prices and superior facilities.