Finding the ideal warehouse space for your company’s operations can present challenges unlike that of finding traditional office space. Not all available commercial real estate space will be suited to the different types of warehouse space – bulk, fulfillment, intermodal and distribution center. (Definitions for each type of space can be found here) For example, a bulk warehouse may require a different ceiling height than that of a distribution center or the number of loading docks needed may limit certain properties from being considered. Physical characteristics play a very important role in the process of making any new space decisions, but particularly when you are planning for such careful logistics.

According to a study completed on warehouse demand, to be successful in finding the perfect location for warehouse space companies must also look beyond the physical characteristics of the space. It is crucial to also focus on:

  • Revenue of potential property
  • Per capita income of the market area
  • Change in the population of the market area
  • Access to major highways
  • Availability of labor force

Have a plan and layout in place for your warehouse space before you begin your search. This may seem like an obvious step, but can be easy to overlook in a market where companies are searching for the best price. When you are in a rush to capture a good deal you can easily choose to ignore your plan and overlook important details. We recommend using an expert resource, like The Warehouse Management Handbook, as a guide through each step of this process. You will find that chapter 9, entitled “Warehouse Space and Layout Planning”, will help offer direction, focus and guidance as you plan for loading docks, office space, storage, growth, etc.

The Bradley Business Center can offer your company a perfectly situated warehouse space on Chicago’s north side. As you learn more about our space and neighborhood you will see that we meet each of the important criteria to be considered for a successful space – we are located in a high population area, we feature single story flex space and high ceilings, adjacent highway and airport access, ample parking, public transportation located nearby and a favorable availability of labor force.

Contact our sales representative, Brett Berlin, who will be happy to meet with you to review your warehouse space requirements and plan, and show you the endless possibilities for a successful warehouse space at the Bradley Business Center.