According to Supply Chain 24/7, Jones Lang LaSalle reported that 2014 was the year of the Distribution Center. With the recent boom in Ecommerce and new adaptations to the retail supply chain processes, finding a Distribution Center that is best for your business is now more important than ever. Finding “modern space with proximity to population centers and a robust logistics infrastructure will dominate the industrial real estate sector”, according to JLL Vice President of Industrial Brokerage, Craig Meyer. Securing a Distribution Center will no doubt be the largest capital investment for any company and it is most important to have a proper plan in place, consider your business practices and collect as much information and data as possible about the facilities you are considering before deciding on your next space. Once you have the right people, processes, technology and tools in place, you will no doubt achieve the right results for Distribution Center.

Best Practices for Analyzing your Distribution Center Needs:
  • Define Goals and Objectives
    • It is essential to have your goals and objectives for a Distribution Center clearly defined before setting out to see spaces.
    • Make sure that the spaces you are considering are closely aligned with your overall strategy.
    • A Distribution Center should provide overall flexibility in layout to accommodate expansion or changes.
    • Maximizing efficiency and productivity are keys to Distribution Center success.
  • Document the Process
    • Your employees on the center floor are your best resource when researching and considering your next space. Talk to employees to fully understand their experiences and processes so that you can consider these factors when looking at potential locations.
  • Collecting Information and Data
    • When considering an existing space for your next Distribution Center, make sure that you get all pertinent space information and data before making any decisions.
    • Accurate drawings showing columns (size and location), dock and personnel doors, ceiling height and ceiling joint/girder placement will all be crucial information that will help you decide if a space will suit your processes.
    • Is the location near major expressways, rail lines and other transportation outlets that will ensure you can ship, receive and distribute goods in the most timely manner possible? Location is key to any Distribution Center’s success and should a driving factor in your decisions.

Bradley Business Center offers companies prime facilities for Distribution Centers. Located on Chicago’s North Side, we are near major expressways, several rail lines and can also provide your employees with a great backdrop for their work/life balance. Our flexible spaces will help you grow your business, when the time is right, and you will find that our facilities offer state-of-the-art technology to keep your business competitive.

Bradley Business Center is the ideal, build-to-suit space for:
  • Parcel Hub/Sortation Centers
  • Parcel Delivery Centers and Urban Logistics Depot
  • Return Processing Centers
  • warehouse for online order fulfillment

Contact our sales representative, Brett Berlin, to schedule a time to visit our space and learn more about the Bradley Business Center – the perfect home for your next successful, productive Distribution Center.