Shared office space is a viable option for many types of mental health professionals, such as therapists, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. The right mental health shared office space will help reduce practice costs, increase your accessibility to patients (new and current) and will increase referrals from colleagues and other tenants.

  • Reduced Costs

Shared office space allows mental health professionals to save on the typical overhead associated with managing a practice. Items like utilities, amenities and IT solutions are available to professionals who lease these spaces. This savings can open up more of your budget for items like software to help manage and schedule patients or to cover the fees to attend an educational conference.

  • Accessibility for Patients

Patients being treated for mental health issues seek treatment from professionals who live in close proximity to their home and office. Securing an office in a highly populated neighborhood will ensure that you have a large pool of people who will be seeking your services. Keep in mind, though, that after they find you, they also look for convenience in travelling to and from appointments. A location that is close to public transportation and major roads will get you noticed more quickly by new patients. And it will be much easier for your current patients to get to every appointment on time.

  • Professional Setting

Not every shared office space provides the ideal setting for seeing patients. You will want to visit locations to check for noise level and activity in the areas surrounding a potential office space. A bustling, open-aired office setting may be great for an entrepreneur, but may not be the best environment to provide treatment to your patients.

  • Referral Possibilities

As a mental health professional, you understand the importance of referrals. Choosing a shared office space for your practice can provide you with many referral opportunities. These referrals can come from other mental health professionals, but can also come from other businesses that are tenants in the building you select. Finding a space with a diverse group of tenants can provide a chance to expand your practice to a new focus, as well.

The Bradley Business Center can provide mental health office space that is suitable to treating patients with care and professionalism. We provide flexible leasing options and many amenities to our shared office tenants. Our location, on Chicago’s North Side, is also easily accessible by CTA, major expressways and offers ample parking. We would like to invite you to contact us to make an appointment to see our spaces and learn more about the mental health shared office space potential at Bradley Business Center.