There are many important factors to consider when choosing a location for a new sports facility. Industry publications like Athletic Business offer helpful advice on starting a new indoor sports facility business and what to look for in the physical space. Some highlights of the advice available on finding space include:

  • Don’t over estimate on space needed for your facility. This will avoid adding additional operating costs and maximize space used.
  • Consider the activities in the area and if they match or overlap with the activities your facility will feature.
  • Structure your business plan to allow for the type of programming and rentals you will be offering at the facility.
  • Is the space in an area that will match your ideal target demographic?
  • Expect and plan for changes in facility purpose and organization, based on demand

Chicago is an active city. Youth sports leagues, adult co-ed sports and training facilities are in high demand, no matter the time of year. The city’s population stays active year-round, heading indoors when the weather gets cold. Children and adults participate in sports like softball, basketball, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming and volleyball, just to name a few. If you are ready to open an indoor sports facility, gym or recreational center in the Midwest, you will find your target market in Chicago.

Chicago’s north side is an ideal location for an indoor sports facility. With a median household income of $74,805 and average age of 34 (source) , the neighborhood includes children and adults seeking recreational sports and leagues. The city’s social leagues have experienced tremendous success in warm weather, but during Winter sports fans must seek other opportunities to stay active and continue to play their sport of choice. With a diverse cultural population, Chicago’s north side can also serve as a great location to offer a sports facility for international sports, as well. This area will soon be home to a new recreation center affiliated with the Chicago Fire MLS team and a riverfront boat house and riverwalk, helping to draw additional people seeking activities to this already thriving neighborhood.

Bradley Business Center, located in this bustling north side area, features single story flex spaces that can be easily converted to any type of sports facility. We offer your athletes convenient access to your facility, via public transportation and major expressways. Our flexible leasing options can be structured to suit your business plan and growth model. We can offer championship quality spaces for any type of indoor sport or training program. Bradley Business Center currently welcomes a swim school, basketball and soceer facility as tenants, so we are familiar with the industry. We will work hard to help meet your facility’s needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about our amenities, lease options and location. The Bradley Business Center looks forward to welcoming you to our winning team!