When you are ready to take your video and audio production services to the next level, you will need to find a suitable space to build a production studio setup. Planning and building such a facility can be a huge undertaking and can take many years of planning to be done correctly. When you are ready to find a space, you will want to consider a few key questions in your process:

  1. What kind of construction is the building you will be considering? Has it been recently renovated or is it still older construction?
  2. What kind of amenities are available in the building for your guests and clients?
  3. Will you need large-scale access to the stage, i.e. driving in vehicles or large props?
  4. Who will your client base be? Independent producers, TV Commercial production, major film production, corporate industrial video market, etc.?
  5. Have you found a contractor who understands building out a studio space? Can they accompany you on your site visits?
  6. How large will your stage, control rooms, recording space, dressing rooms, etc. need to be to accommodate all of your clients? This should include width, depth and height.
  7. Is the location easily accessible for clients and important personnel?
  8. Does the building offer ample power supply to all spaces?

Having the answers to these questions, along with others, will help you as you start to visit spaces that may be options for your studio. You will be able to narrow down the field to only include the spaces that will cost you the least to lease, renovate and outfit properly, helping to improve your bottom line. Chicago is no longer the “Second City” when it comes to large-scale video production. More and more major films and high-profile albums are being produced in the city. In fact, the state of Illinois’ film and TV business doubled in 2013, with the majority of that work taking place in Chicago, according to Crain’s Chicago Business. The Bradley Business Center is located in the heart of Chicago’s North Side and is an ideal location for any production studio. Choosing our space will put you right in the middle of some of the city’s best minds when it comes to video, film and music production. Bradley Business Center’s newly renovated spaces offer high ceilings, ample power supply, appealing amenities, proximity to expressways and major airports for easy transportation of clients and talent, and access for large objects via existing loading dock doors. Our spaces are build-to-suit so you will benefit from a blank canvas with which to build your studio. We are also located in an area that houses many successful businesses, providing a nice client base with which to network for commercial and industrial production. If you are ready to begin the search for your dream Production Studio look no further than the Bradley Business Center. We look forward to working with you to create the space you need to produce amazing work for every type of client. Please contact us to learn more about our facilities, neighborhood, amenities and much more.