Are you ready to open your own physical therapy or rehab facility? Is your current location not meeting your patient and therapists’ needs? Finding a space suitable for a PT or rehab facility requires careful planning and consideration.

Operating a physical therapy office is similar to operating a regular medical office, but, as you are aware, the physical space you occupy will need very different considerations. According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), there are several important points to consider regarding your next location:

  1. What are the demographics of the surrounding neighborhoods? Will there be enough demand for your services to sustain your business model?
  2. How many other physical therapy offices are in the area?
  3. What kind of referral providers work in the area? How many of them refer patients for rehabilitation or physical therapy?
  4. If you are meeting with a building representative, find out if there are other PT providers in the building. If not, would the building consider offering your practice an exclusive contract?
  5. What is the accessibility like around the building? Will elderly and disabled patients be able to gain access easily?
  6. Is the facility you are considering able to provide you with room for growth?
  7. Are the facilities able to accommodate the equipment you will need to install safely for your patients?

A proper physical therapy location requires flexibility, accessibility, room for growth, a sustainable patient population and a solid referral base. The Bradley Business Center, located on Chicago’s North Side, is an ideal choice for your next location. Our representatives will work with you to create the best space for your patients, therapists, doctors, while maximizing your investment. We understand that your space requirements are not that of a typical medical office. Our newly renovated facilities offer you a wide variety of space sizes and options. We will be there with you as you build out the space to suit your needs and pride ourselves on helping clients picture unique spaces. Take a moment to explore our Model Space Tour and then contact us to learn more about the Bradley Business Center – the future home of your physical therapy or rehabilitation center.